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Try, Try And Try Again

Try, Try and Try Again - Keeping Confident.

In recent weeks, uncertainty and ambiguity are two feelings that have often overwhelmed me. Lots of really exciting things have happened, but it’s all too easy to show only the good bits and talk only about the good things. So, I’m going to address some of those uncomfortable feelings that myself and others might be experiencing.

Let’s set the scene; you have just graduated, you have been in education since the age of four, there has always been some degree of structure, until now. Now we enter the world as independent, knowledgeable and capable adults, ready to conquer new challenges and the next chapter of life.

What nobody will tell you is that in order to do this you will undergo a period of self-reflection, self-evaluation and self-exploration. You are finding out who you are and who you want to be, and that can be so scary. From my own experience I can only describe this period as a bit of an emotional rollercoaster that has challenged me much more than I thought it would. From dealing with rejection to celebrating the successes – however big or small. What I do know though, is that this time will offer endless learning opportunities.

This time is for you. Learn more about who you are and explore the opportunities that await – they won’t come knocking. As I discussed in my first post, we must remember to follow our passions and fight for the right to learn and explore. Think about what is most important to you and stick to it. Have faith that you will, one day, reach that goal. Life can take unexpected twists and turns, but this is only a fresh chance for you to learn, take new things on board and move forward, perhaps even in a new direction.

It can be challenging maintaining momentum in these times and it can be challenging to keep faith in something that might feel so far from your reach. But keep working at it – try, try and try again. Keep learning, bettering yourself as a human being and don’t give up on the dream. Surround yourself in positivity, stop comparing yourself to others and just do you.

My life philosophy is ‘work hard and be nice to people’. Nobody can ask anymore of you than these two simple things. I truly believe that if we work hard and practice kindness, we will get to where we need to be.

For all of my fellow post-graduate job seekers, or anyone reading this who feels a little bit lost – it’s all learning. Be proactive and keep faith, you will make it one way or another.

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