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Disconnect & Reconnect

Disconnecting and Reconnecting - Finding the Glow

So, hello! It’s been a little while since I showed my face around here – I got a job!

The last month has been a rollercoaster. In a two-week whirlwind I landed myself my first graduate job as a Social Media Account Executive and Community Manager at a small social media agency in east London. One of my Instagram followers and I got chatting and it turned out her job was available as she was going traveling, and BOOM two-weeks later I was on the job.

This whirlwind – in complete contrast to the long-winded, job-hunting, house-moving weeks prior – left little old me feeling extremely grateful, but a little overwhelmed. By coincidence, my boyfriend and I had lots planned for August and September, a welcomed getaway from the emotional rollercoaster of the late summer.

Both keen ‘makers and do-ers’ we were off to learn about bowl-turning and basket weaving with our friends in the woods of Herefordshire. Little did I know, the magic of the woods and the people there would make me feel so whole and so incredibly happy. The point I wish to make is not that everyone should disappear and become spoon-whittling, wood-working maniacs (that’s just us), but I believe everyone should find their happy place to disconnect and reconnect.

For me, this time to disconnect from the everyday, and immerse myself in a world of creativity and wonderfully centred, humble people, means going off-grid. I leave my smartphone at home and take a book, a notepad and a pen. Working in social media means I literally spend 9 hours a day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, excluding any time spent on my personal accounts. This is why to abandon technology all together and reconnect with nature and natural craft, excites me the most.

The all-consuming heart-felt glow I feel when I disconnect and reconnect is a feeling I want everyone to experience. A break from social media, the people you see every day and your job allows you to gain new perspective. It allows you to meet new people, learn new things, and gives you the opportunity to understand how someone else might see the world. It is a sensationally grounding experience, and a reminder that real connection is not found online in a Facebook friend request or a new Instagram follower, but between two human beings sat next to one another around the campfire, on a bus or in a queue at the supermarket.

I urge you to break free from your everyday, try something new or something that scares you, and it will be so rewarding. Disconnect, and reconnect with something totally different, I hope you feel the glow too.

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