Catherine Ritchie

The 2018 Rollercoaster

What a year it’s been. A absolute rollercoaster of emotion.

This year I wrote 13,180 words about internal marketing, organisational culture and entrepreneurial orientation. Then they gave me an award for it. The Best 4th Year Thesis award, to be more specific. And if that wasn’t enough, they also gave me a First Class degree. I worked very hard, and I enjoyed it. My four years at the Robert Gordon University were well spent.

Up next, little did I know, was a few months of anxiety and uncertainty, with a wee bit of depression thrown in for good measure. I found life after university quite difficult, and I’m not afraid to say so. But, I worked hard and I found a job - Social Media Account Executive and Community Manager at a small agency. This role has taught me a lot, but I still think, write, experience and learn about organisational culture. This, I know, will be my contribution to the world.

In the latter months of the year, I also discovered my community. For anyone who has ever felt a little lost in all the wandering, you’ll know how much brighter you can feel when you find your feet and your people. For me, this meant going back to my rural roots and getting outdoors. I’ve spent more time in green spaces, on beaches and around the campfire. Just thinking about it makes my heart warm. In finding this, I found new friends too and I re-discovered how much craft means to me. So, I carved my first spoons, wove a basket, crocheted a teddy bear and made a satchel bag.

I am really excited about 2019, I have some super exciting things coming my way. I am nervous and I am anxious, but I am SO excited. I hope 2019 brings you joy and happiness, new challenges and opportunity.

Big love.

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