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What’s your why?

This morning as I was perusing LinkedIn, I stumbled across another one of Simon Sinek’s videos. This time he was talking about how your ‘why’ develops, and that often we have one ‘why’ that begins in your teens. He argued that it is our early experiences that shape our purpose, our ‘why’. This got me thinking about my ‘why’ and what I’m going to do about it.

In my last post, I boldly announced that I am now Catherine Ritchie - part-time - freelance workplace culture consultant. Now, I’m not going to lie, it scared me a bit. Imposter syndrome immediately set in - ‘you can’t do this, you don’t have enough experience’ and ‘who do you think you are’. Well, actually, I do know more than the average person about workplace culture and engagement and I really, really care about it. But, of course, we are always learning and you’ve got to start somewhere. So, actually, I can proudly say my mission is to help others find fulfilment and meaning in their working lives, that is my ‘why’.

I decided that I would begin some interviews. I want to know what people perceive workplace culture to be and I want to know how organisations are future-proofing themselves. As we evolve, our workforce and workplace evolves too, and as we begin to see Gen Z percolate into our organisations, I believe we need to change the way we engage and stimulate our employees.

I hope, as the interviews progress, that I will be able to share my insights and learnings. However, it goes without saying, that any information shared in an interview is strictly confidential and absolutely no identifiable information will ever be shared.

If you have any thoughts on the matter or would like to be interviewed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Or, if would like some advice in future-proofing your organisation and engaging Gen Z, I’d love to hear from you too!

You can always reach me at

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